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Stay On Point With Dechert
Through a variety of publications Dechert provides up-to-date information addressing laws, regulations and legal decisions impacting financial services and private equity clients, pro bono matters, Russian law, UK legal issues, tax matters, employment law and bankruptcy, among others. Our publications include the Financial Services Quarterly Report, the Private Equity Newsletter, Russian Legal Update and our Pro Bono Newsletter, A World of Good. In addition, we regularly send clients legal alerts and write articles for industry publications and detailed white papers explaining legal developments affecting our clients and their industries.

By-Lined Articles
Global Investigations Review
British Standards Institution
Cartel & Joint Conduct Review
Analyzing Incentives and Liability in “Hub-and-Spoke” Conspiracies
Distribution: Periodical of ABA Antitrust Section Distribution & Franchising Committee
Employment Law Journal
Hedge Fund Journal