Financial Services Quarterly Report - Asia
Laura M. Brank, Richard Frase, Angelyn Lim, Antonios Nezeritis, Jonathan Pickworth, Hans Stamm, Karl J. Paulson Egbert, Koji E. Felton, Chris Harran, Evgenia Korotkova, Edouard d'Anterroches, David Heinen, Philip T. Hinkle, Alexander Pannett, Kirill Skopchevskiy, Kylee Zhu, Kelly Hagedorn
Dechert OnPoint: Financial Services Quarterly Report
June 26, 2012

A review of recent developments in the international financial services industry, including:

  • DIFC Funds: A New Investment Vehicle for the Middle East
  • An Analysis of the EU and U.S. Regulations Affecting OTC Derivatives
  • Enhancing the Investment Advisory Contract Review Process for U.S. Sub-Advised Funds
  • Amendments to the Luxembourg Law on Specialised Investment Funds
  • Impact of New Luxembourg-Germany Double Tax Treaty on the Funds Industry
  • Applying FATCA in Asia: Still Oceans Apart
  • Russia Finally Establishes a Central Securities Depository Increasing Transparency in the Russian Securities Market
  • UK Investment Banks: Up to FSA Standard?
  • The Asia Region Funds Passport: Myth or (Almost) Reality?