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Hot Topics in Energy and How They Affect Your Practice
A CLE Seminar Presented by Dechert LLP
Date: October 12, 2012
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: Philadelphia, PA

The energy industry – comprised of everything from big oil to solar power to wind turbines and even waves – is a heavily regulated, high dollar, politically polarizing, and increasingly litigated goliath. Any major player in today’s energy market requires legal advice across a range of practice areas – including M&A, finance, environmental/regulatory compliance, securities law, and litigation. This program will focus on a few of the cutting-edge issues facing companies in today’s energy industry and how those issues are relevant to your legal practice. A panel of Dechert lawyers will explain why energy is the goliath that none of us can afford to ignore.

In particular, the panel will discuss:

  • The world’s carbon footprint, and why it means big business (and big liability) for many companies
  • Why energy infrastructure is more important than ever and how companies are hoping to finance that infrastructure in today’s strained economy
  • The tension between exploration and environment and, in particular, how recent developments in natural gas exploration are impacting environmental and litigation risk
  • How recent regulation is affecting companies’ reporting requirements and why reporting may become a lot more expensive

CLE credit is pending in CA, NC, NJ, NY, PA and TX.