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The EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) represents the most significant EU regulation of the alternative investment funds industry in recent times. It will affect a wide range of asset managers, not just traditional hedge and private equity managers, whether they are based in the EU or outside.

The page brings together a selection of resources on this issue. Please visit regularly for updates and contact a member of our Global AIFMD Team for more information.


Learn the basics of the AIFMD

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OnPoint - AIFMD: Impact on US Investment Advisers

Read the Legal Update

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Watch Dechert Video for more insights

Dechert’s AIFMD Video Briefings, featuring segments from our seminar series, are available on YouTube.

New Operating Conditions VideoNew Operating Conditions

Hear about the Directive’s new operating conditions.
Conflicts of Interest VideoConflicts of Interest

Find out about conflicts of interest under the AIFMD and how to develop a policy to prevent and monitor potential conflicts.
Risk Management VideoRisk Management Provisions and Proportionality

Learn about risk management provisions and the role of proportionality.
Liquidity Management VideoLiquidity Management

Examine the Liquidity Management provisions under the Operating and Organizational Conditions of the Directive.
Valuation Provisions VideoValuation Provisions, Manager-Administrator Relationships

Gain insight into valuation provisions and the changing relationship between manager and administrator.
Delegation Provisions VideoDelegation Provisions

Understand the Delegation provisions of the AIFMD in the context of Dublin and Luxembourg funds.
Authorisation Provisions VideoMiFID and AIFMD Compared: Authorisation Provisions

Delve into a comparison of the authorisation provisions under MiFID and the AIFMD as well as the authorisation of non-EU managers..
Overlapping Operations VideoMiFID and AIFMD Compared: Overlapping Operating Conditions

Learn about the operating conditions applicable to AIFMs as they overlap with existing obligations under MiFID, particularly regarding due diligence requirements.
Click to watch Regulatory Reporting Under AIFMD: Similarities to U.S. Reporting Requirements

Examine the similarities between reporting requirements under the AIFMD and those in the United States.
Click to watch Regulatory Reporting Under AIFMD: The Form PF Experience

Understand the purpose of Form PF as well as its use by and availability to U.S. regulators.
Click to watch Regulatory Reporting Under AIFMD: Lessons Learned from Form PF

Compare Form PF with the ESMA form. For more information also see our Dechert OnPoint, “The AIFM Directive Regulatory Reporting Template and its Comparison to SEC Form PF.”
Click to watch Regulatory Reporting Under AIFMD: Stress Test and Leverage Reporting

Explore the differences between stress test and leverage reporting in the United States and the EU.


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