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Lawyers in Dechert’s International Trade and EU Law practice bring a uniquely valuable perspective to the legal and commercial analysis surrounding Brexit, having significant background and knowledge of the EU and the UK’s engagement with it. Our team members' experience includes working on legal and policy issues for the European Commission, negotiating on behalf of Member States in the Council, and serving in various roles within the UK Government, including HM Treasury and the Prime Minister’s Office.

We are working with a range of industry bodies and businesses to develop their positions, to translate their priorities into an advocacy strategy and to plan ahead for the different potential outcomes to be faced on 29 March 2019.

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Miriam Gonzalez
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Co-Chair of Dechert's
International Trade
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Partner, Brussels
Antitrust and Competition
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Andrew Hood
Senior Director, London
International Trade and EU Law
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Roger Matthews
Senior Director, London
International Trade and EU Law
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Richard Tauwhare
Senior Director, London
International trade and EU Law
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Peter D. Astleford
Partner, London
Financial Services
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Richard Frase
Partner, London
Financial Services
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Douglas L. Getter
Partner, London
Corporate and Securities
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Partner, Paris
Intellectual Property
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Mark Stapleton
Partner, London
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Charles Wynn-Evans 
Partner, London
Labor and Employment
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Exactly what effects could Brexit have?

Dechert’s sectoral experts work closely alongside our International Trade, EU law and Government Regulation team to map out the impact the Brexit may have on any given sector and business and advise on the trade and regulatory consequences. Read more on:

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Our lawyers have also authored updates on:

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What should I be doing now?

The majority of businesses operating with or in the UK should have already begun:

  • Reviewing and identifying aspects of the business that rely on, or assume the applicability of, pan-EU arrangements such as EU rules of origin and customs procedures, passporting for financial services, EU-wide medicine licenses, etc.
  • Keeping a careful watch on the UK government statements which may give any further indications as to the UK’s likely negotiating position – and similarly any indications on the EU side as to its likely negotiating position and red lines. 
  • Identifying EU laws which currently impact operations. 
  • Identifying the nature and extent of interaction with pan-EU agencies. 
  • Considering a government relations strategy (whether directly or through an industry group).
  • Identifying key proposals or considerations. Responding to government consultations. 
  • Considering the impact on customer base.

How Dechert can help

Dechert can assist you in developing your planning for both the current period of uncertainty and for the longer-term post-Brexit environment. We recognise that this raises huge challenges and is a top priority for our lawyers. We work with our clients to build a robust Brexit strategy that will identify opportunities and maximise potential upsides of Brexit, whilst creating fall back positions that will mitigate against the adoption of unfavourable negotiating positions by either the UK government or the EU. We strive to ensure that our clients establish themselves as trusted and key interlocutors, able to present informed and reasoned solutions to key decision-makers.

Dechert has a team ideally placed to help, with offices in London, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, MunichLuxembourg and Paris. In addition to deep UK and EU legal expertise, our team has practical and policy experience – including of trade negotiations – developed at the European Commission, the Council and a range of UK bodies including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Cabinet Office, the Bank of England, HM Treasury, the Foreign Office, and the Attorney-General’s Office.

In addition to the deep expertise offered by our lawyers, Dechert also collaborates closely with leading firms of accountants, providing you with an evaluation not only of the legal implications for you and your sector, but also the economic implications. This combined approach can often assist with understanding the relative importance of risks identified. We would be pleased to arrange such a collaborative approach for you, and to recommend accountancy firms who with whom we have successfully collaborated previously.