Careers in Austin

Why work in the Austin office?

Our Austin office reflects the city that surrounds it, with a thriving intellectual property practice. Complex commercial litigation is also a mainstay of this office that helps guide companies who compete around the world.

What's it like here?

The Austin office’s culture, like the city itself, is a little bit Texas and a little bit (as they like to say). Weird! This means maintaining a sense of personality and uniqueness. The Austin office combines a relaxed vibe with top-quality legal support for clients.

Located in one of Austin’s tallest buildings in the heart of downtown, the office is near dozens of restaurants, shops and entertainment and cultural attractions. What’s more, Austin is home to North America’s largest urban bat colony: at sundown in summer, hundreds of people gather on the Congress Avenue Bridge to watch a vast cloud of bats explode into the sky.


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Largest urban bat colony


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Breakfast treat Mondays