Private and Listed Credit Funds: Recent Trends in EU, UK and U.S. Fund Structuring and Financing

June 29, 2016
London  | 160 Queen Victoria Street, London, United Kingdom EC4V 4QQ
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Approximately 70 senior executives recently gathered in Dechert’s London office for a multi-panel seminar discussing issues asset managers face relating to EU, UK and U.S. private and listed credit fund structures and the various types of financings provided to such funds. The in-person event featured panelists from Dechert as well as leading industry institutions who identified specific opportunities that may be available to credit managers, fund managers and investment banks across Europe.

Click on the links below for highlights from each of the panel discussions.

Structuring Issues for EU, UK and US Private and Listed Credit Funds. This panel considered some of the pros and cons of various ‎listed and private fund structures as vehicles for managing credit strategies, including the UK investment trust, European limited partnership structures and the United States business development company (“BDC”). Read more.

The Benefits of Gearing/Leverage Facilities to EU, UK and U.S. Private and Listed Credit Funds. This panel considered key trends and structures driving lending to private and listed credit funds across the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union. Read more.

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