A World of Good - Pro Bono News

January 23, 2013

A World of Good includes information about Dechert pro bono cases and pro bono happenings throughout the firm. The topics covered in this issue include:

  • Protecting the Right to Vote: Dechert Plays Leading Role in Texas Voter ID Case
  • Timing is Everything – Dechert Helps Former Victim of Domestic Violence Become a Citizen in Time for the Election
  • Dechert Chicago Team Emerges Victorious in Settlement Negotiation
  • Reuniting a Family after 11 Years of Separation
  • Elderly Iraqi Man Escapes Further Abuse with Dechert’s Assistance
  • Building a New Foundation for Pro Bono in Nigeria
  • Good Results
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Why I Do Pro Bono Work