CIS Legal Update

May 13, 2013

The latest edition of the CIS Legal Update focuses on recent legislative developments affecting doing business in or with Russia and Kazakhstan. It includes the following articles:

  • Measures Taken to Strengthen Russian Anti-Corruption Laws
  • New Restrictions Imposed on Russian State Officials
  • New Anti-Corruption Provisions in EU Legislation
  • Developing Russia’s Military-Industrial Complex
  • New Orders Adopted to Facilitate the Activity of the Central Depository
  • London Stock Exchange to Introduce New High-Growth Segment of the Main Market
  • Changes to the Procedure for the Public Procurement of Food and Pharmaceuticals
  • Russia and the United Arab Emirates Take Measures to Encourage and Improve Investment Security
  • New Visa Regime Introduced between the United States and Russia
  • Cyprus Removed from Russia Ministry of Finance’s “Blacklist”
  • Cyprus Bailout: Legal Issues Arising
  • Luxembourg Holding Companies and Other Structures
  • Litigation Updates
  • Dechert CIS Practice News

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