What Price a DPA? Navigating Unchartered Waters

February 24, 2014

From today, Deferred Prosecution Agreements (“DPA”s) will be available in the UK to the Serious Fraud Office (“SFO”) and the Crown Prosecution Service (“CPS”) as a method for disposal of corporate criminal cases relating to fraud, corruption and money laundering, without the need for a finding of guilt. However, DPAs will not be available to all. It will be up to the relevant Director to invite companies to enter a DPA, and only those which act quickly to appropriately deal with allegations of wrongdoing are likely to receive such an invitation. Therefore it is essential that any organisation considering how to react to an allegation of fraud, money laundering or corruption considers the likely DPA qualification process at the earliest possible stage. But what price will organisations have to pay in order to obtain a DPA offer and what are the key concerns around the new process?

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