European Parliament Approves Antitrust Damages Directive

April 24, 2014

The European Parliament approved the text on April 17, 2014 of a long-awaited Directive designed to facilitate private actions for damages by victims of infringements of antitrust rules in the EU (the “Directive”). The Directive is based on a proposal by the European Commission (the “Commission”) of June 2013 and is the centerpiece of a package of measures aimed at leveling the playing field for damages claims across EU Member States. Also included in the package is non-binding guidance for national courts on the quantification of antitrust harm and a non-binding recommendation on collective redress mechanisms. The Directive is expected to come into force in the coming weeks. Member States will have two years to implement the Directive into national legislation, but judges may already take it into consideration in pending civil proceedings, to the extent permitted by existing laws.

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