International Employment Law Review - Russia: September 2014

September 11, 2014

Reining in the Compensations
The RF Labor Code was amended to address certain issues regarding compensation, including with respect to golden parachutes for state companies' employees, which are now subject to various limits.

Secondment Is Beyond the Law?
Prior to 2014, secondment arrangements had not been clearly regulated by either Russian labor or civil law, with many Russian companies operating under the pretense that as long as it is not forbidden, it might as well be considered legal. However, this thinking caused many problems because the Russian state bodies generally do not recognize secondment agreements as valid documents (except in a number of cases for tax and payment purposes).

Focusing on New Requirements for Workplace Conditions
     Special assessment of workplaces
In an effort to improve worksite safety conditions, a new procedure for assessing labor conditions has been established by the Federal Law No. 426-FZ "On Special Assessment of Workplace Conditions," dated December 28, 2013, which became effective on January 1, 2014.
     Additional guarantees for computerized work places
The ambiguity surrounding whether employees working with computers are subject to medical checks was recently addressed by the RF Ministry of Labor in March 2014.

Remuneration System of the Bank Employees Is on Its Way to Rehabilitation
The RF Central Bank reconsidered the remuneration system of bank employees such that their remunerations will depend on the financial results of the bank’s activity.

Citizens with Dual Citizenship Have to Inform Migration Services of Their Second Citizenship
As of August 4, 2014, citizens with dual citizenship have to inform Migration Services of their second citizenship.

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