Cloud Computing: A Practical Introduction to the Legal Issues

September 30, 2010

This book will introduce cloud computing (briefly) for those new to the concept, comparing the development of this new computing paradigm to other ways of buying computing resource. It will summarise the legal issues which arise, some of which are unique to cloud, others of which are more general but have a unique application to cloud.

Much is being said about cloud computing, and in particular the benefits (both economic and environmental) and the risks.

But how are those involved in buying IT to judge the legal issues which arise, and how can contracts maximise the advantages and minimise the disadvantages?

How can cloud service providers address the customer’s legal concerns so that the proposition remains viable for the customer and their own business?

It will explore these legal issues, covering such areas as security in the cloud, data protection, service levels, and contractual issues. It will provide a practical resource for those involved in buying or providing cloud services, setting out practical steps to address legal issues both in the regulatory context and in the context of contracts between customer and suppliers.

It also deals with issues that arise when the cloud service is used by regulated sectors, such as financial services.

Contents of the book on cloud computing include:

  • Introduction
  • Security
  • Data Protection
  • Software Licensing and the Cloud
  • Customer data in the cloud
  • Service change and service levels
  • Specific sectors (financial services, Government – the G-Cloud and Consumer Cloud
  • Contracting and liability in the Cloud

Who is this book on legal aspects of cloud computing for?

  • Management in cloud companies and in potential users of the cloud
  • IT personnel on the customer side
  • In-house lawyers advising their companies on potential cloud purchases
  • Private practice lawyers (especially in smaller firms) who need to get quickly up to speed on the issues which arise