The Way of the Lawyer: Strategies and Tactics for Negotiations, Presentations, and Litigation

January 01, 2011

Since the dawn of civilization seemingly minor disagreements have blossomed into major disputes for a broad range of reasons. Today, the negotiated resolution of disputes in a business setting remains the preferred method of dispute resolution, and trial lawyers emerge as the modern samurai who will engage in battle on behalf of their client.

This engaging book is your battle manual for the art of war in the legal arena. Author Chris Scott Graham shares the skills you’ll need--developed and honed by trial lawyers over the years--to succeed in the battles you’ll undertake on behalf of your clients. More than mere knowledge of legal principles relating to evidence and procedure, this book supplies the insight and strategies gleaned through years of hard work and astute observation in the legal profession. In its fifty chapters, you’ll find concrete advice for negotiating, presenting, and litigating a case, many presented though fascinating real-world examples. Each chapter concludes with a succinct summary of the essential information it contains. Be prepared for your next legal duel with this essential resource. For more information, visit the ABA Web Store.