Employment Law in England and Wales

October 31, 2012

For anyone operating a business in England, or who has employees there, a basic knowledge of employment law is vital. Knowing what your rights are, and the rights of your employees, will help prevent problems arising. Ignorance of the law will almost certainly cost you money and will do nothing to improve relations with your workforce.

This guide is intended to be a detailed introduction to the main issues and common pitfalls faced by employers in England and Wales. It does not address the regimes in Scotland and Northern Ireland which differ in certain respects from the position in England and Wales.

As this guide is only intended to be an introduction to the area, it does not cover all the complexities of the legislation and case law which it addresses. You should take specific advice before you take action. The law is described as at October 2012, so please bear in mind that it may have changed by the time you read it.

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