Protecting Trade Secrets Before, During and After Litigation

September 01, 2012
In his new book, Dechert counsel Chris Scott Graham explores the questions of trade secret identification, protection, and economic value from the standpoint of what executives, the board of directors, and the general counsel must consider when faced with the prospect of trade secret litigation. While the main focus is on the trade secret owner, due consideration is given throughout the text to corresponding issues facing an alleged misappropriator.

The book outlines what a practitioner experiences at a white board session with his or her litigation team, with everyone brainstorming to identify potential pivot points on the issues at hand and discusses the best approach, in light of particular rules in a given jurisdiction that influence, how an issue can or must be addressed. In addition, consideration is also given to any alternative pivot points revolving more on the strategic value of the decision to the client’s business, instead of a rote application of identifiable legal principles. For more information, visit the ABA Web Store.