“Diagnosing the Supreme Court’s Promethean Fears” Chapter

January 01, 2013

Dechert’s Daniel M. Becker authored a chapter in the new book The Impact of Recent Patent Law Cases and Developments, which provides an authoritative insider’s perspective on recent changes in patent law. Featuring experienced partners from law firms across the nation, the book guides the reader through key processes, including challenging patent validity, drafting claims and advancing settlements without litigation.

In his chapter “Diagnosing the Supreme Court’s Promethean Fears,” Mr. Becker examines the Supreme Court’s remarkable, unanimous Prometheus decision. Mr. Becker argues that due to a specific set of fears shared by all nine justices from across the political spectrum, they subscribed to a legal conclusion that is manifestly wrong.

To read the chapter “Diagnosing the Supreme Court’s Promethean Fears,” click here to download the PDF.

To order a copy of the book, visit the Thomas Reuters Westlaw Store.

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