The Law of TUPE Transfers

February 14, 2013

The UK’s transfer of undertakings legislation has historically been one of the most complex, unpredictable, and commercially significant aspects of the employment law regime. It has far-reaching financial, human resource, and practical significance in the private and public sectors, in relation to a wide range of transactions such as outsourcing, contract tenders, and asset disposals. Notwithstanding the reforms made to the TUPE legislation in 2006, the area has continued to develop, and the significant volume of case law since 2006 has explored the detailed operation of the legislation in relation to issues such as service provision changes, the operation of TUPE in insolvency situations and the treatment of pension rights on a TUPE transfer.

This book, written by Charles Wynn-Evans:

  • Provides a clear, concise, and detailed treatment of all aspects of the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006
  • Offers expert analysis on how the 2006 legislation and subsequent amendments have been interpreted and applied in practice
  • Includes detailed commentary on all recent cases in the area, including Eddie Stobart Ltd v. Moreman and Hunter v. McCarrick on service provision changes and Proctor & Gamble v SCA in relation to pension entitlements following TUPE transfers

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