Private Enforcement and Class Actions

We are trial-ready antitrust lawyers rather than generalists who occasionally try antitrust cases.

Class actions

Dechert presented the argument to the Third Circuit in In re Hydrogen Peroxide Antitrust Litigation, which established a new, higher bar for class certification in antitrust cases in the Third Circuit and which has substantially influenced class certification proceedings in district and appellate courts around the United States.

When faced with a class action lawsuit, clients turn to our successful track record in complex, multi-forum class action litigation. On behalf of clients, we have represented defendants in simultaneous civil, criminal, state, federal, domestic and international proceedings.

Other litigation issues

Our antitrust/competition team is at the cutting edge of developments regarding single-firm conduct, including monopolization and abuse of dominance issues, as well as other potential restraints of trade in a broad range of industries.

Offensive use of antitrust law

We also use antitrust law affirmatively to help clients achieve their commercial objectives. Our antitrust litigators have successfully gone on the offensive to assist clients by, among other things, forcing rivals to cease anticompetitive practices and paving the way to victory in a takeover battle.