Private Funds Nuts & Bolts: How Can Your Fund Avoid ERIS(A)ky Business? An Introduction to ERISA and Pooled Investment Funds

October 06, 2020

This webinar discussed:

When an ERISA (or similar) plan invests in a pooled investment vehicle, when does the investor “taint” and thus subject the vehicle to the fiduciary responsibility and prohibited transaction rules of ERISA (and similar rules)? Why should an investment manager – and others dealing with the pooled fund, such as trading partners – care? Does the nature of the fund matter (i.e., registered mutual fund versus private equity fund versus hedge fund versus CLO)? What are the consequences when things go “wrong,” and who is implicated?

This presentation will address several ways that pooled vehicles can accept investments from ERISA and similar plans without becoming subject to ERISA’s onerous prohibited transaction rules. It will also address some of the basic rules that may be involved if those rules are implicated.

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