Deep Expertise
Law360 recognized Dechert as a law firm with an expanding global reach and a high-level of volume and sophistication in its cross-border work.
Dechert is a global specialist law firm with a deep bench of experts focused on sectors with the greatest complexities, legal intricacies and highest regulatory demands.
Commercial Judgment
Uniquely positioned to offer guidance, Dechert launches a dedicated hotline to help guide you through possible impacts.
Commercial Judgment
Dechert’s deep sector knowledge enables us to deliver practical commercial insight and judgment to our clients’ most important matters.
The American Lawyer recognized the firm in the category of U.S. Litigation (Finance) for its representation of a client in the Argentine Bonds Arbitration Settlement.
Relentlessly Client-Focused
Dechert is relentlessly focused on client needs. Nothing stands in the way of giving clients the best of the firm’s entrepreneurial energy and seamless collaboration.