The PRIIPs Regulation – A view from Germany

July 27, 2016

Although the PRIIPs Regulation provides for a grandfathering period for most of the investment funds marketed in Germany, which means that they can still produce and use UCITS KIIDs or AIF-KIIDs until 31 December 2019 if such a fund is “wrapped” into a life insurance product (unit linked life insurance) it will actually be required for the fund respective of its management company to provide the insurance company with information and data that the insurance company itself requires to produce its PRIIP KID. This data must be calculated and assembled according to the provisions of the PRIIPs regulation in order for the insurance company to be able to produce a PRIIPs KID for its life insurance product. It will not be possible to simply use the UCITS KIID data. Many German insurance companies have already reached out or will shortly reach out to asset managers to make sure that the data and information will be provided for the 31 December 2016 deadline.

Read "The PRIIPs Regulation – A view from Germany".

Lesen "Die PRIIPs Verordnung".

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