Reminder: Certain U.S. Reporting and Compliance Obligations for Investment Advisers and Private Funds

February 17, 2021

The U.S. federal securities laws, the Commodity Exchange Act and regulations thereunder, and certain other applicable federal laws, rules and regulations, as well as rules of U.S. self-regulatory organizations (such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and National Futures Association) impose reporting and compliance obligations on asset managers and investment funds. Some of these requirements apply only to U.S.-registered investment advisers, commodity pool operators or commodity trading advisors, but others apply to investment managers and funds that are located outside the United States and are not registered in the United States.

This Dechert OnPoint provides a brief description of some of these requirements and serves as a reminder of the need for compliance. However, it is not intended to provide a complete discussion of all reporting and compliance requirements that may be applicable to investment advisers and private funds.

Note that – other than for advisory filings of Forms ADV and PF (see Annual Updating of Adviser’s Form ADV; Private Fund Reporting by Registered Advisers) – if the filing date falls on a weekend or federal holiday, the filing is not due until the next business day.

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The authors would like to thank Gary Brooks, Phil Garber, Charlotte Hopson, Albert Jung, Elizabeth McClain, Bijan Motiwalla, Jennifer O’Brien and Ashley Rodriguez for their contributions to this OnPoint.

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