CPI Antitrust Chronicle: Sustainability

July 15, 2020

Sustainability has forced its way center-stage in the world of antitrust, and not before time. It has for a while been a familiar topic in academic circles, but agencies and practitioners are now increasingly alive to the pressing need to make antitrust part of the solution and not part of the problem. What is that problem? That familiar antitrust dogmas are seen as impeding the joint industry responses needed to rise to the pressing issues of the day.

Opinions differ on the means to that end. Can consumer welfare accommodate the chal­lenge? Do we need a different welfare standard or do we simply oust antitrust and give priority to other goals? Is regulation the answer? This latest edition of the Competition Policy International Antitrust Chronicle, guest edited by antitrust/competition partner Alec Burnside, gives voice to a range of views on this critical topic. Mr. Burnside also co-authored the article Living Wage Initiatives: No Reason to Object featured in the edition, along with associates Marjolein De Backer and Delphine Strohl.

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