ICLG – Environmental, Social & Governance Law

February 07, 2023

ESG for asset managers - read our chapter in International Comparative Legal Guide – Environmental, Social & Governance Law 2023

In this chapter, the authors from different jurisdictions explore recent ESG developments affecting asset managers operating in Europe, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and the U.S.

This chapter addresses:

  • New Directives, Regulations and Amendments to existing EU legislation
  • UK’s focus on climate-related disclosures
  • Hong Kong’s three drivers with respect to sustainable investment
  • Singapore’s Green Plan 2030
  • SEC’s Climate Change Proposal
  • SEC’s framework for retail funds and U.S.-registered investment advisers
  • U.S. state-level anti-ESG legislation 

Reproduced with permission from International Comparative Legal Guides. For further information please visit https://iclg.com.
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