COVID-19 Coronavirus: Data Privacy


The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) recently issued guidance in relation to the collection of additional personal information as part of the process of providing a safe environment for staff. The guidance clarifies the steps that organizations should take with regard to what type of personal information should be stored, how it should be stored and how long it should be stored.

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The Information Commissioner's Office has now confirmed specifically the approach it will take to the enforcement of data protection obligations in light of its role as an independent regulator acting in the public interest and its approach of being a pragmatic and proportionate regulator.

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The shift towards working remotely has created a unique opportunity for cyber-attackers and criminals – the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity has already reported an increase in phishing attacks. Dechert’s Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Group has produced an infographic of key security issues to bear in mind to keep your data secure.

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The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is currently forcing employers to rethink their usual working practices and adjust those practices to challenging circumstances. As a result, the number of employees working from home has significantly increased over the past few weeks and will likely continue to increase. Several questions have arisen - regarding remote work and data protection - that an employer may now have to address.

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At a time when employers may be feeling bombarded by information, we set out below five key steps that employers should take to protect their employees’ personal data.

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