World Passport


Dechert's World Passport can help you passport or register your funds and comply with regulations in the jurisdictions of your choice.

    • Advice on legal and commercial considerations when offering funds in a new jurisdiction.
    • UCITS and AIF registration and passporting in numerous jurisdictions.
    • Review and negotiation of local paying agent, facilities agent and other agreements.
    • Resource for internal management/market intelligence.
    • Compliance with ongoing regulatory obligations in all jurisdictions.
    • Compliance calendar with reminders for key deadlines.
    • Access to a network of professionals in the jurisdictions you need.
    • Review of materials for marketing UCITS and AIFs, including fund fact sheets, presentations and other financial promotions.
    • Review of domestic and global websites and disclaimers. 
    • Advice on pre-registration promotion and distribution in all jurisdictions. 
    • Advice on legal and commercial considerations when looking at UCITS or AIF passporting vs. private placement.
    • Carefully selected and proven relationships with a network of external professionals in the markets where you need them.
    • Review and negotiation of third party distribution agreements, including agreements with broker-dealers, banks, platforms and the NRA market. 
    • Negotiated terms database to streamline negotiation process.
    • Due diligence on distributors and advice on annual due diligence exercises.
    • Secure online access to all your fund documentation and third party agreements.
    • Online fund registration and special project status charts available 24/7.

Key Benefits of World Passport 

Global expertise in one place. World Passport provides a single point of contact between our clients and service providers, coordinating service for fund registrations across multiple jurisdictions. We keep you informed about different regulatory requirements across markets. We offer access to concise, practical legal information on registration, promotion and distribution of your funds to help untangle complex procedures, while taking care of the time-consuming process of maintaining registration and compliance for your funds. 

Compliance with local laws. You have the comfort of knowing that legal requirements impacting all aspects of registration and compliance for UCITS and AIFs are being monitored. We also provide regular updates on the latest legal and regulatory changes affecting your funds as well as ongoing reporting on publication requirements, changes to reporting requirements or other pertinent issues. 

Flexible, tailored service. World Passport allows secure 24/7 access for you and your team, with unlimited “view only” access by anyone in your organization. You also maintain control over the type of data you receive and the way it is formatted based on your preferences. 

The choice is yours. Whether you already have preferred foreign counsel, wish to tap into Dechert’s foreign counsel relationship network or locate other counsel to use, it is entirely up to you. Our service can be tailored to your distribution requirements and is transparently priced. 

To learn more about how World Passport can help your organization reach its goals, contact Nigel Austin , Niamh O'LearyChris Christian or Alexa Elmlinger Smith.

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World Compass

If your fund is better suited for a private placement, consider World Compass, a global web-based marketing compliance resource which provides clear, user-friendly information on marketing UCITS, AIFs and managed accounts in approximately 100 countries worldwide. World Compass also offers AIFMD compliance information across the EEA countries as well as detailed shareholder reporting obligations, recommended disclaimers and selling restrictions, and 24/7 accessibility and global support. Learn more about World Compass or request a demo.