Macron Law: its major changes

August 17, 2015

The law for growth, activity and equal opportunities in France, known as “Macron Law” (hereafter referred as “the Law”) has been approved on August 6, 2015. From the reform of the procedure before employment tribunals to the simplification of the staff representation bodies management, to the softening of the regime of redundancies, this Law softens the legal provisions on a large number of subjects for the benefit of employers.


  • Procedures before employment tribunals and indicative baseline for severance pay
  • Softening of the redundancies
  • Improving the attractiveness of agreements for employment stability
  • Easing the conditions to resort to Sunday work and night work
  • Reducing the obligations of the employer in the course of a transfer of a company
  • Control of the top-hat pension plan and employee shareholding
  • Employee savings
  • Staff representation bodies
  • Professional élections

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