UK Responds to Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices

February 07, 2018

The UK Government today announced its response to “Good Work: the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices.” This was an independent review commissioned by the Government and published in July 2017 into the changing British labour market. The Taylor Review focussed in particular on clarifying the status of, and improving the quality of work for workers in the so called “gig” economy and workers with flexible working arrangements such as zero hours contracts, and agency workers. 

The response of the Government to the Taylor Review proposes little actual change at this stage. Rather, the Government has announced that it will now consult on a number of issues such as the reform of the law relating to employment status. Many of the other measures announced involve either restating existing rights, such as giving workers a list of rights that they are entitled to from day one. There are also proposals intended to increase knowledge of existing rights - for example ensuring that new and expectant mothers know their workplace rights. 

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