Settlement Agreements in Commercial Disputes: Negotiating, Drafting and Enforcement - Chapter 10: Law Governing the Agreement and Choice of Law

June 05, 2014

With nearly all corporate disputes being resolved in settlements, drafting strong, enforceable settlement agreements is one of the most critical and challenging areas of corporate and commercial law practice today. Here, top experts offer insights gained from many years of litigation and dispute resolution experience to give you critical tools needed to prepare successful settlements:

  • Sophisticated analysis of the law and its application
  • Detailed planning of effective drafting techniques
  • In-depth coverage of "hot issues," such as multi-party settlements and tax considerations
  • Strategies for handling "special topics," such as tax and environmental concerns
  • A time-saving library of model agreements on disk for a variety of disputes and jurisdictions
  • Extensive case citations

Whether you are looking for the best way to handle a particularly troubling issue, or simply want to be sure you have anticipated every legal eventuality, Settlement Agreements in Commercial Disputes will give you the insights, information and guidance needed to prepare settlement agreements that meet your client's or company's objectives.

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