My Domestic Violence Monitoring Mission to Montenegro

September 12, 2017

Domestic violence is a “style of communication between the parties.” It is the “victim’s choice . . . to be communicated to her with violence.”

My jaw dropped.

I then quickly pulled myself together from a momentary state of shock as I listened to a mediator in Montenegro matter-of-factly explain his thoughts on domestic violence. By this point in our mission, I kept thinking that I would get used to the way our interviewees spoke about domestic violence. After all, we had spent an intense week in six cities throughout the country -- from the Albanian border to the Serbian border -- interviewing members of Parliament, judges, prosecutors, police, social workers, doctors, and even the victims themselves. But in each interview, like in this one with the mediator, I always learned something new.

Read Angela Liu's blog post for Advocates For Human Rights, "My Domestic Violence Monitoring Mission to Montenegro."

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