Bringing Attorneys Together to Strengthen Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

March 09, 2018
The Legal Intelligencer

Although more attention has been paid to increasing diversity in the legal profession, the industry as a whole still struggles to make meaningful progress on the hiring, retention and promotion of diverse attorneys. A recent industry survey on diversity found that between 2015 and 2016 there was only a one-point increase in the number of minority attorneys at any level (partner, nonpartner or head count).

While the statistics seem stagnant, more innovative strategies to improve diversity in the legal field continue to emerge. Law firms are inviting academics to study their hiring and promotion practices, and expanding their diversity programs beyond just offering identity-based affinity groups. In fact, across the legal industry, there have been increased efforts to move toward more collaborative programs and events that unite different diverse identity groups and foster organic relationship building between diverse attorneys.

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