Antitrust enforcers around the world are ramping up scrutiny, pushing novel theories of harm, and re-examining the lawfulness of long-established business practices. In this enforcement environment, you need to partner with a firm that can get you through investigations quickly, quietly and without adverse consequences.

Our antitrust lawyers combine a thorough understanding of competition policy and priorities, credibility with enforcers, and the ability to manage investigations on a multi-jurisdictional basis to defend your company’s conduct and minimize the impact on your business.

We routinely work with enforcers at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), U.S. Justice Department (DOJ), U.S. state attorneys general, the European Commission (EC), EU member states, and other major competition authorities, in matters ranging from Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) to defending your company against dawn raids in criminal matters.

Our advocacy can help you avoid charges and reduce compliance burdens and fines, often with no public attention.

Clients turn to us for:

  • Guidance through all phases of internal investigations — including parallel and derivative matters.
  • Experience before the DOJ, FTC, EC, U.S. Congress, state attorneys general and other national and international agencies.
  • A successful track record in obtaining termination of investigations and, when necessary, reducing fines, or negotiating favorable resolutions that preserve your company’s ability to pursue its business goals.
  • Representation for individuals who are targets or suspects in antitrust criminal investigations.
  • A seamless strategy that maximizes your company’s defense in follow-on private litigation.
    • American food and beverage company 
      Advised client in the DOJ Antitrust Division’s investigation of Dairy Farmers of America’s pricing practices in interacting with member and non-member farmers.
    • Building products manufacturer
      Leading a client in the defense of the DOJ Antitrust Division’s criminal investigation of cartel activity in the gypsum wallboard industry. DOJ terminated its investigation without action.
    • European Commission Investigation
      Advised multiple complainants in the EC’s Google Search and Google Shopping investigations which led to respective fines of €4.34 billion and €2.42 billion.
    • Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
      Defending a client in criminal investigations by the Department of Justice Antitrust Division and parallel litigation.
    • German railway company
      Guided the client in the first successful rebutting of the presumption of parental liability for a former subsidiary before the French Competition Authority. 
    • Global animal health company 
      Representing in a complaint before the EC leading to the investigation of a potential “killer acquisition.” 
    • Global biopharmaceutical group
      Representing the client in investigations led by the EC, the Swiss Competition Commission, and the Brazilian and Mexican competition authorities for a subsidiary’s potential involvement in a worldwide cartel.
    • International food packaging solutions company 
      Gained a three-quarters reduction in the EC’s likely cartel fine for the client.
    • Global food packaging solutions company 
      Representing the client before the General Court (Luxembourg) in an action for annulment of the EC’s food packaging cartel decision. 
    • Global pharmaceutical company
      Represented the client in a non-public FTC investigation related to contracting practices for medical devices. The FTC closed the investigation after Dechert responded to an access letter with documents and data on behalf of the client. 
    • Global pharmaceutical company
      Representing a client in the DOJ Antitrust Division’s criminal price-fixing investigation and actively coordinating not only the company’s defense but the defense of individual employees. 
    • Specialist in food and drink packaging
      Representing the client in the EC’s investigation of the metal packaging sector. Our lawyers deployed to France, Germany and the United Kingdom to assist during dawn raids. 
    • International technology company
      Successfully defended client in the DOJ Antitrust Division’s non-public investigation into whether a chairman of the Board of Directors had violated the prohibition on interlocking directorates.
    • Travel technology company
      Guided client through an investigation involving cutting edge issues concerning two-sided markets and non-discrimination clauses.
    • Managed health care company
      Representing the client as a third party in the FTC’s investigation of a regional hospital merger and defending the client as a third-party in the subsequent (and ongoing) merger litigation between the hospitals and the FTC.
    • Mobile technology company
      Represented client as a third-party in the FTC’s investigation into a competitor’s anticompetitive tactics to maintain its monopoly in the supply of a key semiconductor device. 
  • Cartel Regulation 2022 

    Published by Lexology: Getting the Deal Through, the guide provides an in-depth, practical review by jurisdiction of relevant statutes, enforcement actions, immunity and leniency options, and contested proceedings and penalties, in addition to highlights on recent developments. The guide also addresses strategies for mitigating risks and limiting potential fines.

    Dechert antitrust co-chair Steven Bizar and associate Julia Chapman have authored the guide’s chapter on the United States jurisdiction— and for the first time, antitrust partner Mélanie Thill-Tayara and national partner Marion Provost have authored the European chapter.

    Review the U.S. chapter, the EU chapter or the complete guide today.

    Pharmaceutical Antitrust 2021 Guide 

    Antitrust/competition partners Mike Cowie, George Gordon and Mélanie Thill-Tayara are the editors of Pharmaceutical Antitrust. The insightful and easy-to-use reference guide published by Lexology: Getting the Deal Through, provides comparative transatlantic analysis and insights into this industry. Dechert's antitrust lawyers also authored the guide's European Union, German, United Kingdom and United States chapters.

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