HIPAA Compliance

Keeping clients updated on the latest developments in HIPAA regulations

In this era of health reform, Dechert offers a number of services to assist clients – both “covered entities” and “business associates” – in complying with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). 

We keep our clients updated on the latest developments in HIPAA regulations through frequent contacts as well as regular legal updates and periodic client seminars, while we focus on these three critical areas of compliance.

Policies and Procedures

We begin by assisting clients to establish HIPAA policies and procedures that conform to the privacy, security and breach notification rules. We will work with privacy and security officers with the intention of protecting the confidentiality of personal health information and, if necessary, facilitate the investigation of suspected breaches of protected health information.

Workforce Training

Covered entities are required to train employees who may directly or indirectly have access to protected health information. We offer professional training in the form of customized webinar sessions, to educate employees on the basics of compliance, privacy, security and breach notification rules. The training sessions may be recorded to train new employees in the future.

Security Audit

The HIPAA security rules require that clients conduct a risk analysis with respect to electronic protected health information. Our lawyers can assist clients either in utilizing tools provided by the Department of Health and Human Services or in the selection of a third party vendor to conduct a HIPAA security audit.