Partner Development


Dechert offers an unmatched partner leadership development experience.

Partner learning is a cornerstone of Dechert’s commitment to excellence not just in our legal practice, but in how we manage our business and act as stewards of the firm for future generations. Our programs are committed to offering our partners extensive development opportunities that expand their skills and talents in a way that complements their capacity to lead internally and externally, attract new clients and top talent, and mentor and teach. Our bespoke program reflects Dechert’s culture as a collaborative, global and innovative law firm to meet partners along their development path from new partners to firm leaders.

New Partner VISIONS Program

Newly promoted and recent lateral partners participate in a year-long, experiential program comprising an immersive orientation and our unique VISIONS strategy. The experience is designed to support our partners in developing a leadership and ownership mindset.

Advanced Partner Leadership Program

Partners continue their leadership development journey with an in-person summit with opportunities for personal reflection. This program is built upon many of the themes introduced in the New Partner VISIONS Program. It aims to continue to develop an ownership mindset and leadership principles, as well as approaches to creating a shared vision, increasing trust in partner relationships, and communicating with clients.

Harvard Partner Leadership Development Program

The partner development pathway extends to our senior partners, who have the opportunity to attend a multi-day residential program at Harvard Law School Executive Education, where they refine their leadership skills, learning from some of the most renowned faculty in the world.


Executive Coaching

Supporting partners throughout every stage of their partnership journey, our dedicated, in-house executive coach is available to meet confidentially with our partners to help identify and discuss bespoke solutions for professional growth, including aspects relating to career planning, professional development aims and quality-of-life. Common topics include:

Integration for Partners
Skill Advancement
Goal Setting
Producer/ Manager Dilemma
Executive Presence


Our Innovation Focus

  • Our focus on innovation is highlighted each year when individuals from across our global offices join an intensive three-month Innovation Certificate Program to develop the practical tools and techniques to think differently, generate ideas, forge new work processes and business lines and creatively solve our clients' most significant business and legal challenges.

  • The firm's ongoing Innovation Training Curriculum is designed to give our associates, partners and business services professionals proven skills and techniques to support innovative thinking and behaviors.