Distressed Financial Products

Structuring innovative solutions that address underperforming financial products

The financial restructuring team understands the challenges posed when resolving or acquiring assets of distressed structured finance transactions. Our lawyers advise clients on the restructuring, disposition, acquisition and workout of distressed financial products of all types, including swaps, hybrid instruments, repurchase agreements, forward securities and commodities contracts and other derivative instruments.

Clients include banks, broker-dealers, investment banks, registered and unregistered funds, investment managers, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

A directive to innovate and integrate

Our directive is to form an innovative, integrated solution to address the complex issues that arise when structured financial products do not perform as expected. Our lawyers assess the issues at a transaction-level and more broadly in the context of the client’s business model. We also advise on opportunities to acquire and trade distressed financial products to help clients optimize their position.