Two Dechert Partners Honored as Winning Litigators by National Law Journal

September 04, 2018

Dechert partners Steven Bizar and Christine Levin have been named as ‘Winning Litigators’ in a highly competitive annual contest run by The National Law Journal. The publication assesses nominees on recent significant wins in jury or bench trials, giving particular emphasis to victories won in unfriendly jurisdictions, with substantial damages at stake or involving decisions that set legal precedent.

Mr. Bizar and Ms. Levin led the Dechert trial team that won a decisive defense verdict in June on behalf of egg producer R.W. Sauder in a five week Federal class action jury trial. It is rare for an antitrust class-action dispute to go to trial at all and rarer still to reach a verdict. 

The plaintiffs alleged that 13 egg producers, including Sauder, had conspired to reduce the domestic supply of eggs through early slaughter of hens, at-loss exports, and a “sham” animal welfare program designed to reduce the U.S. hen population.

Facing US$1.1 billion in alleged damages, ten of the producers settled; Sauder and two others went to trial.

Keen to avoid a “battle of the experts,” Dechert instead sought to demonstrate Sauder’s independent decision-making through clear client testimony, not econometric analysis. After a five-week trial, the jury concluded that, while a conspiracy existed, Sauder had not joined it.

For the ‘Winning Litigators’ 2018 profile, published by The National Law Journal in September 2018, click here.

Mr. Bizar and Ms. Levin discuss their trial strategy on video here.

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