Summary and Discussion of Chair White's Speech Regarding SEC Regulation

November 09, 2015

In a recent Keynote Address at the 47th Annual Securities Regulation Institute, Mary Jo White, Chairwoman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), discussed how the SEC is working to understand the impact of recent regulatory changes so as to build an effective regulatory structure for the rapidly changing capital markets.

Chair White’s speech touched on a broad range of topics including the significant reforms to the securities offering process brought about by the JOBS Act and the related rules passed by the SEC in response. In addition, Chair White articulated a vision in which the SEC develops a proactive and agile regulatory framework through which it can anticipate issues and respond to them quickly, whether through modified regulations, staff guidance, enforcement, or other available tools.

This Dechert OnPoint discusses a few of the key takeaways from Chair White’s speech concerning securities offering regulations and the role of the SEC in the process.

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