New UK Open General Export Licences for Components

April 18, 2016

UK exporters may now use two new Open General Export Licences (OGELs), reducing the administrative burden of exporting a range of military and dual use components, including printed circuit boards.

The UK’s Export Control Organisation (ECO) had originally hoped to issue a single new OGEL for a much wider range of both military and dual-use components at this time. This would have included many components specially designed for military use, to respond to long-standing industry concerns that the licensing requirements for many items - particularly printed circuit boards (PCBs) - are disproportionately burdensome. It is understood that discussions between the government Departments concerned are taking more time than had been anticipated. These more limited new OGELs have therefore been issued in the interim while those discussions continue. But the intention remains to issue a single, wider licence in the coming months.

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