Russia Passes Measures to Restrict the Use of VPNs and Similar Technology

August 11, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently signed into law certain amendments to Federal Law No.149-FZ on Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information (the “IT Law”). The measures introduced by Law on Amendments to IT Law No.276-FZ, dated July 29, 2017 (the “Law on Amendments”) grant significant powers to Russian regulatory authorities to potentially pursue persons/entities on the Russian territory who utilize or provide access to information systems and resources which, in turn, facilitate access to information and resources that are otherwise restricted or prohibited in Russia. The most popular technology that can, and often does, facilitate access to restricted information is a virtual private network (VPN). But companies and individuals also use VPNs and the like extensively to ensure the secure exchange of information and access to sensitive proprietary information, and for those users the new regulations raise legitimate concerns.

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