Ireland Opalesque Roundtable

October 04, 2017

Dechert Partner, Declan O'Sullivan took part in the Opalesque Ireland Roundtable on October 4, 2017.  The panel, made up of leading professionals in the funds industry in Ireland, discussed:

  • Ireland’s role in the private credit industry which could reach one trillion dollars in assets by 2020 (compound growth of 20% a year)(page 7)
  • Why has there been a significant uptake in Irish Common Contractual funds (CCFs) in the recent past? (page 9-11, 13)
  • What is behind the Dublin-Luxembourg debate? (page 11-13)
  • Ireland and Brexit (page 14 - 18). 
  • Will there be a significant difference to the investment management industry between a hard and soft Brexit?(page 22-24)
  • Ireland's one of the most important recent developments (page 18)
  • Dublin is also a major Tech Hub - countless benefits and synergies with the finance sector (page 19)
  • Will we see a return to more actively managed funds over the next three to five years? (page 24-25)

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