DAMITT: How Long Does it Take to Conduct Significant Antitrust Merger Investigations?

DAMITT, the Dechert Antitrust Merger Investigation Timing Tracker, is the leading source of analysis for significant U.S. and EU antitrust merger investigation and litigation trends. 

The creator of DAMITT, Dechert’s antitrust and competition practice group, is recognized as a global leader for sophisticated advocacy and antitrust solutions. Clients around the world turn to the team for their most critical matters, including merger control, litigation, cartel investigations, and counseling and compliance.

DAMITT Dechert Antitrust Merger Investigation Timing Tracker

Leading publications rely on DAMITT data when writing about the antitrust merger review process, including The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The StreetThe Street TV, Handelsblatt, Time, FortuneLaw360FTC Watch, PaRR, Global Competition Review, American Lawyer, and Dechert's very own Crunched Credit, as have other law firms.


Significant U.S. Antitrust Merger Investigation Outcomes (2011 – Q3 2019)


Significant EU Antitrust Merger Investigations (2011 - Q3 2019)

Significant EU antitrust merger investigations


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