Recent Trends in Off-Shore Targeted US Class Actions

April 30, 2019
Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation

Despite being headquartered abroad—and in some cases having a minimal connection with the United States—companies based outside the U.S. have still become targets in securities classactions filed in the U.S., even when the crux of the allegations occurs outside the country.

Although 2018 saw a slight decrease in securities class action litigation on the whole, non-U.S.issuers—those companies with headquarters located outside of the U.S.—were popular targets ofsuch suits.

Non-U.S. issuers should therefore take heed of last year’s decisions and securities class action filings to ensure they are aware of recent trends and to take steps to reduce and mitigate risks associated with such suits.

In 2018, plaintiffs filed a total of 54 class action securities lawsuits against non-U.S. issuers.

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