Dechert's Global Finance Practice Publishes Updates to Chapters in Lexology Real Estate 2024 Guide

November 30, 2023
Dark blue cover image of the Lexology Real Estate 2024 guide with contributing editors Craig Brown and Alex Rosenthal attributed.

Dechert's Global Finance Practice recently published updates to chapters giving an overview of commercial real estate in the U.S. and delving into the unique properties of real estate deals taking place in New York in Lexology. The publication is a quick reference guide enabling side-by-side comparison of local insights, including an overview of the legal system; registration and recording; treatment of foreign owners and tenants and of commercial versus residential property; planning and land use; compulsory purchase or condemnation of real estate; bankruptcy and insolvency; use of investment vehicles; acquisitions and leases, including environmental considerations; financing; and recent trends.

Global Finance lawyers Craig Brown and Alex H. Rosenthal authored the chapters titled "US Commercial Real Estate Overview" and "United States – New York".

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