Thibault Meiers
National Partner | Paris
Thibault Meiers
  • A major multi-business services group provider appointed for the universal postal service and banking accessibility in France for multiple litigations with its Health and Safety Committees and Unions in the context of a large-scale modernization.
  • An international high-technology group and tier-1 supplier of systems and equipment in aerospace, defense and security in multi-plaintiff lawsuits on co-employment claims.
  • A leading global provider of vehicle rental services in an electoral lawsuit rising a legal issue considered to be major by the French Supreme Court.
  • One of the world's largest tire manufacturers, a global leader in brands and technologies, and several healthcare groups, in multi-plaintiff lawsuits after mass layoffs.
  • The world’s leading water treatment and process improvement company for a plant closing and its restructuring in the EMEA area as well as for its day-to-day HR issues.
  • One of the three leading providers of credit ratings to comply with EU reform of the audit market and supporting its HR services on day-to-day issues with employees.
  • The group leader of personal technology on Labor Law issues when it opened its first store in France.

Includes matters handled at Dechert or prior to joining the firm.

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    • University of Paris Nanterre - Paris X, Master 2, Research in Labor and Employment, 2006
    • University of Paris Nanterre - Paris X, Magistère in Labor and Employment, 2006
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