Why is it critical to address AI issues now?

Generative AI is causing companies to reimagine the way they conduct their businesses.  Specific regulations addressing the use of AI are now being proposed and enacted in the United States and the European Union respectively, but the use and deployment of AI software is already subject to existing legal and regulatory constraints.

Policymakers are seeking to ensure the protection of individuals and the broader public interest with a particular focus on enforcing civil rights, non-discrimination, fair competition, fiduciary duties, consumer protection, disclosure obligations and other vitally important legal protections.

Companies that adopt AI technology to improve their products and service offerings need to be alert to the potential legal risks and ensure appropriate systems and controls are in place to mitigate any potential harm.

How Dechert can help

Dechert has been at the forefront of AI technology, bridging the gap between technology and existing and forthcoming laws and regulations.

Working seamlessly across our offices in the United States, Europe and Asia, we advise clients across sectors as they leverage AI technology to develop new products and services, execute sophisticated technology transactions, and are involved with high-stakes disputes. 

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