Client Service Principles and Values


Our daily interactions with our clients build our brand and help us stand out in a highly competitive market. These client service principles guide the way we work with our clients and allow us to deliver a distinctive service that is not just excellent, but that is also true to who we are.

Dig deep

Work the problem from all angles. Think hard about the options and apply rigor and creativity in equal measure before proposing a solution.

Reach out

Consult widely and always aim to bring the best of Dechert’s knowledge and expertise to your clients, wherever it resides in the firm.

Do the math

Clients tend to have business problems, not just legal problems. Make sure we always balance the commercial implications alongside the legal ones in our advice.

Have a point of view

Our clients look to us to help them make decisions. In the end, it’s up to them to act, but the more we help them decide between the options, the more value we add.

Put yourself in their shoes

When we see things from the perspective of our clients, we tend to be able to offer better advice and better service.

Make it happen

Always do whatever it takes to deliver what we promise to our clients. Premium service means solving problems and managing the relationship effectively day-to-day.

  • Each of us commits to:

    • Act always in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.
    • Engage directly with, and listen to, clients to understand their business and to help them achieve their objectives.
    • Provide uniformly excellent, pragmatic and cost effective legal services, guided by our clients’ needs, and with the aim of providing transformational advice.
    • Take initiative to build his or her career and our Firm.
    • Work hard and with intensity with each other and with our clients.
    • Treat others with respect and communicate with honesty and candor.
    • Work effectively in teams, sharing and taking responsibility.
    • Make optimum use of the Firm’s global resources to benefit our clients.
    • Work one-on-one with our people to develop their full range of skills, including expertise in the law, practical judgment, and the ability to act and advise decisively.
    • Enthusiastically support the Firm’s Guiding Principles.
    • Attract a mix of challenging engagements that will provide distinctive value to our clients.
    • Reward and promote our people based on contribution.
    • Build an inclusive Firm that reflects the diversity of the world in which we practice.
    • Manage the Firm in a way that is decisive and responsive to change yet always founded upon building consensus.
    • Encourage all our people to undertake service in the public interest.
    • Deliver superior economic performance.
    • Maintain and expand global reach with “one firm” economics. Invest in the future – constantly strive to make the Firm better tomorrow than it is today.