Standing in Solidarity With Our Asian Community


A message from Andy Levander (Chair) and Henry Nassau (CEO)

For too long, members of Asian communities have been fighting against racism and xenophobia in the U.S. and across the world. Throughout history, Asians have been seen as “invisible,” “the model minority” or a “perpetual foreigner.” Egregious examples from American history include the infamous Chinese Exclusion Act, the first law in the United States that barred immigration solely based on race, and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. More recently, racism was apparent across the globe in the treatment of Arab, South Asian and Muslim communities after September 11. And we are seeing it now over misinformation regarding the coronavirus.

Most recently, hate crimes towards members of the AAPI community are on the rise around the United States. A disturbing wave of anti-Asian violence, including the spa shootings in Atlanta, the fatal assault of a retiree in San Francisco, and countless other robberies, burglaries and assaults, is targeting AAPI individuals and businesses. Despite these increasing acts of intolerance and violence, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have made the United States more secure during the pandemic. An estimated two million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have served on the front lines of this crisis as healthcare providers, first responders, and in other essential roles.

Dechert condemns discrimination and stands with Asian communities around the globe, and the Asian members of our Dechert community, against all forms of hate and prejudice. We hope that you will join us in acknowledging the continuing impact of racism. As allies, we all have a responsibility to raise and support marginalized voices in our daily lives and to speak out against hate.

-- Andy Levander and Henry Nassau