Moving Past Talk to Success: How to Manage Efficient and Effective Data Monetization Projects

September 19, 2019
Dechert LLP | Three Bryant Park, 1095 Avenue of the Americas, New York, USA 10036

A Seminar Presented by Dechert's Intellectual Property and Data Privacy and Cybersecurities Groups

Companies across a wide spectrum of industries utilize machine learning and other data analytics systems to harness large volumes of data, identifying patterns and making decisions with minimal human intervention. The power to analyze and mine massive amounts of commercial and personal data in real-time provides a significant advantage in identifying new opportunities, improving performance or outcomes, and mitigating risks.

In an increasingly digital world, companies are finding new value in data they already collect, adopting strategies to acquire data from other sources, and investing in related technology and analytic systems. A company’s ability to monetize data may soon prove vital to companies’ ability to compete and innovate. Not surprisingly, many global enterprises have recently launched data monetization projects involving company data and public or purchased data. These projects, however, involve myriad legal issues that must be understood and managed from the outset to ensure the project is a commercial success – and not the source of additional legal liability. The long-term value of monetized data also depends on keeping it confidential and secure, which is a challenge in our increasingly litigious times.

Please join members of Dechert’s intellectual property and data privacy and cybersecurity groups for a discussion focused on helping you manage effective and efficient data monetization projects.


Introduction and market overview

Nuts and bolts of data monetization projects

  • Legal strategies for commercialization
  • IP rights, confidentiality and contractual issues associated with uses of data
  • Mitigating liability risk

Legal and regulatory issues associated with data collection, purchasing and web scraping

Data privacy issues, including GDPR and CCPA

Anticompetitive issues

Protecting your data monetization project in criminal investigations and civil discovery

Panel discussion: "What I wish I knew at the beginning of our DM Project" featuring guest speakers Tiffany M. Baughman of Airbus SAS and Charlie Bingham of Microsoft Corporation

Cocktail reception to follow.

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