fintechNEXT: Bitcoin 2020 – Navigating Opportunities During Uncertain Times

May 14, 2020

Bitcoin’s resilience during the last several weeks of economic upheaval and the imminent “Halving” of the miners reward have brought the oldest and most successful cryptocurrency to front-of-mind again as financial institutions and investment managers plan for “what’s next.” Since Bitcoin’s previous bull run in 2017, much progress has been made in terms of the infrastructure for holding and trading cryptocurrencies, as well as the certainty around legal and regulatory treatment of market participants.

In this webinar, Dechert partner Timothy Spangler and associate Andrew Schaffer join Mike Belshe, CEO and Co-Founder of BitGo, the leader in digital asset financial services, to discuss what 2020 holds for traditional financial services firms who want to include Bitcoin and other digital assets in their future products and services.

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